What exactly is concrete repair?

No doubt that concrete is such a versatile substance. It is possible to use it for sidewalks, ramps, roads, curbs, tank rings, pits and even walls. But it tends to be vulnerable to damage over the years. Well, there are several different types of concrete repair which can be performed to assist in prolonging the life of the concrete or rather give it a much-needed revamp.

Just like the uses for concrete differ greatly, so do the many types of concrete repairs that can be performed by contractors. The amount of labor required and the complexity of the work also affect the overall cost of the concrete repairs. There are also many other different grades of concrete that can be of great use and types of setting agent or resin. If you are looking for the best concrete repairs, then you will have to do proper research on exactly what is involved. It is important to note that the mix of the concrete used for any kind of repair varies according to the climatic conditions and temperature, particularly if the work is being done outside. It is advisable to always use a stronger mix during the colder weather.

Why does Concrete need Repair?

Apart from the obvious visually unpleasant aspect of cracked concrete, broken concrete can also be very hazardous to commercial structures as a whole. For example, envisage a parking garage where vehicles are driving on cracked concrete.  With time, that crack will get bigger and bigger, forming either an irritating pothole for your clients, or even worse, exposing them to great danger.

A totally new concrete will cost averagely $92 per linear foot (five-foot width). But, if this is being done as a last-ditch effort for a concrete repair to a sidewalk that has completely become inoperative, then the groundwork work has to be taken into account. All the existing concrete must be removed and leveled as this is one of the most major parts of concrete repair. This will significantly increase the cost.

Obviously, replacing the entire sidewalk floor is the last resort. We have different types of concrete repairs including reinforcement, restoration, finishing and even maintenance. You can also choose to add fancy styles to your concrete but this never comes under the heading of a repair. Preparing and cleaning the area is in fact part of most concrete repairs. This can be done with a various organic compounds or chemicals. It is vital to always check with the contractor in case you have specific concerns about what exactly is used during the process of concrete repair.

The amount of time that concrete repairs take will definitely vary according to the intricacy of the job. However, you have to be aware of certain basics before booking your major concrete repairs. Even with concrete mixes that dry very fast, it can take some time before your concrete repair eventually sets properly. Don’t expect to immediately walk on your newly renovated sidewalk. As a matter of fact, it can take between 24 to 48 hours before you can actually walk on an area that has undergone concrete repairs. So it is very important to ensure that you put proper measures in place before initiating any kind of concrete repair on your property.