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Bill Houston Concrete Construction Inc. – Your Trusted Partner in Houston’s Concrete Solutions

The backbone of any sturdy construction is its foundation. At Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering concrete services that not only stand the test of time but also align perfectly with our clients’ visions.

Our Services

  • Building Foundations – Our team is adept at constructing robust building foundations. Whether you come to us with engineer specifications or need us to take charge of the engineering, rest assured you’re partnering with seasoned professionals.
  • Jib Crane Foundation – As a niche service in Houston, our expertise in creating jib crane foundations is unmatched. We understand the nuances and ensure that every requirement is met with precision.
  • Concrete Paving – From roads to sidewalks and ramps, we promise durable surfaces tailored to your specific needs.
  • Concrete Repair – Age and elements can sometimes wear down even the toughest concrete. Our repair services ensure that existing concrete structures are restored to their prime condition.
  • Versatility in Service – Beyond the above, our service suite includes machine foundations, tank rings, loading docks, retaining walls, and more. No project is too big or intricate for our team.

Why Choose Us?

  • Decades of Experience – Having served the Houston market for over four decades, our reputation is a testament to our commitment to quality.
  • State-of-the-art Equipment – Our range of heavy equipment ensures that we’re equipped for any project, regardless of scale or complexity.
  • Client-centric Approach – We prioritize understanding your vision and ensuring our services align perfectly with your needs.

As a preferred Houston concrete contractor, we specialize in all types of concrete construction, paving and design.

The dedicated team at Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. takes pride in our work. We will get your job done both on time and most importantly, completed to your specifications.

We offer a number of concrete services including:

* New paving
* Paving repair
* Concrete
Machine foundations
* Jib crane foundation
* Building foundations
* Sidewalks
Truck wells
* Ramps
* Interior Build out Remodel
* Concrete Repair
* Stabilized Base yards
* Non-Stabilized Base yards
* Stabilized Crushed Concrete Base
* Retaining walls
* Loading Docks
Lay down yards
* Roads
* Tank rings
* Curbs
* Pits
* Striping
* Wheel stops
* Crushed Concrete Base
* Stabilized Crushed Limestone Base
* Crushed Limestone Base
* GS100, GS200 Base

Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. — Concrete Construction Services

As you may know, a solid foundation is essential to any building and similarly a solid concrete construction company is just as essential. After four decades in the Houston market and having weathered more than one downturn in the economy, Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. has remained strong and credit worthy, while others have come and gone.

Our construction company owns most of the heavy equipment that is necessary for the completion of your job; from rubber tired four wheel drive backhoes, crawler dozers, track excavators, skid loaders, concrete breakers, concrete saws, dump trucks, down to draglines.

We offer an array of concrete construction services. including the following:

  • Concrete Building Foundations: Built to your engineer’s specification or if you do not know or have an engineer, let Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. handle the engineering. We have worked with professional engineers and designers in the Houston area for many years and will be happy to handle your project from design to completion.
  • Concrete Paving: Again built to your engineer’s specifications or we will be happy to make recommendations based on the intended use of the paving. Concrete paving is far superior to asphalt paving and will provide years of trouble free service.
  • Concrete Repair: We can make recommendations based on the intended use of the concrete areas that need repair and/or we would be happy to consult with a Geotechnical Lab for recommendations. The Geotechnical lab will come to the work site, take soil samples, analyze the samples and make specification recommendations based off of their findings. Two basic factors are used when determining specifications for concrete repair:
    • The total combined weight of the vehicle and the product that the vehicle is transporting and
    • The existing soil conditions of the area that needs repair.

These two factors can dictate many different specification options. An example of Concrete Repair in Houston, Tx and surrounding areas might consist of the following:

  • Sawcut, Break, Excavate (16″) existing material,
  • Prepare the subgrade,
  • Place and compact (8″) crushed concrete base material,
  • Drill & set 1/2″ rebar dowels at 12″ on centers,
  • Place 1/2″ rebar at 12″ (mat) on center each way,
  • Pour (8″) 6 sack 4000 psi concrete mix design and broom finish.

At Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc., we have experience in many other concrete construction services as well. The list includes: Concrete Retaining Walls, Pits, Machine Foundations, Tank Rings, Tank Foundations, Truck Wells, Ramps, Jib Crane Foundations, Loading Docks, Roads, Sidewalks, Curbs, Bollards, Striping, Wheel Stops, Concrete Repair, etc.

Whatever your project calls for, the team at Bill Houston Concrete Construction Inc. is ready with the experience, skill set and professionalism to get your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at (281) 443-0874 to discuss your project.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

For all inquiries or to discuss specifics of your concrete project, please reach out to us at (281) 443-0874. The team at Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring your project’s timely and efficient completion, staying within budget while never compromising on quality. Your foundation’s strength is our business’s cornerstone.