Everything to Know About Storm Water Detention

Stormwater is the term for water accumulating on the ground during rain and snowfall. When artificial, hard surfaces such as parking lots, roads, buildings, and compacted soil take the place of natural terrain, stormwater cannot seep into the soil. Stormwater runoff increases as more hard, impervious surfaces like concrete and asphalt are built.Stormwater runoff can result in flooding, pollution, and, most significantly, soil erosion compared to the original pre-development condition. Developments must include designated drainage systems that catch, store, and release stormwater runoff to lessen these effects. The Clean Water Act, state laws, and local ordinances all require stormwater management, which is what is being done here. Continue reading “Everything to Know About Storm Water Detention”


Why Crushed Concrete Foundations Are Paving Their Way in Houston

Using crushed concrete in Houston to pave your driveway or complete your construction project is an affordable, environmentally conscious choice. Larger pieces of concrete salvaged from other construction projects were used to make it. Concrete slabs are divided into smaller pieces and then reduced in size until they resemble small stones. Sturdy machines are employed to break down and reduce the size of the concrete. Continue reading “Why Crushed Concrete Foundations Are Paving Their Way in Houston”


An Overview of the Importance of Site Work for Construction Projects

Planning and developing land can be quite a complex process when it comes to sorting out the necessary paperwork and preparing the ground for construction. Even before the foundations of a structure is laid, construction companies have to prepare the site to eliminate any problem that could arise later such as faulty foundation, poor craftsmanship, and issues related to the environment. Continue reading “An Overview of the Importance of Site Work for Construction Projects”


Things To Look For In A Houston-based Paving Contractor

When it comes to paving a driveway or sidewalk, there are many things to consider. The most crucial factor is the quality of artistry and materials used for the project. When you find someone who can provide this high level of service, you’ll be happy with their results. Other factors such as specialized knowledge of your particular needs, experience with similar projects, and work ethic can make or break your project. Continue reading “Things To Look For In A Houston-based Paving Contractor”

Interesting Characteristics of Commercial Retaining Walls

There is more to commercial retaining walls then one might initially consider.

Most of all, the purpose of commercial and industrial retaining walls are designed with support and prevention in mind as its main goals.  These walls support and restrain soil masses on both sides when each side are at different levels or elevations.  And they prevent erosion and soil from sliding away from your building’s foundation as it guides and redirects water away from foundations to maintain its integrity.

Continue reading “Interesting Characteristics of Commercial Retaining Walls”