What is a Bollard?

Bollards are a series of short post utilized to protect specific and sensitive areas as well as guiding traffic appropriately. It can provide relief from certain impacts where building protection and security are important. Bollards can also be placed in series or in line to serve as a visual characteristic to manage pedestrian walkway areas and warehouse driveways for vehicle loading and logistics. Other applications might include boundary demarcations or access prevention to restricted areas as well as building entrances and utility rooms.

Modern bollards come in many designs and functions for a multitude of applications and uses. The majority of bollards are used for warehouse and business protection from vehicle or forklift operations. These are the standard steel posts or pipes that are embedded with a concrete reinforcement for actual physical protection.

Bollards come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and looks that can be appealing in many a different settings. Bollards are mainly utilized for protection against sensitive areas and our company has extensive experience in this area as well as other concrete services and products. Please contact us at Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. at 281-443-0874 or [email protected] for a consultation, we are always eager to share our knowledge.

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