The Role of the Retention Pond Lift Station

When driving the streets of Houston you will notice retention ponds on the sites of new construction and usually associated with these ponds are lift stations that aren’t very noticeable unless one was looking for it. Often built near new developmental areas, detention ponds and basins are created to catch water runoff from higher elevations during heavy rain. The run off water is then retained until the streets and ditches have drained away, at that point the detention pond water can be released but only at the rate of release determined by the governing body.

Whether your project is located in the city of Houston, Harris county or surrounding cities and counties, you will need to check with the proper permitting agency to determine if your construction project will be required to install a detention pond and or a lift station. These facilities are gaining popularity to the point that it is almost mandatory for new construction. Pump stations are used to pump runoff water at a controlled rate from a low elevation to a high elevation mainly when the gravity flow is not sufficient enough to move the water naturally.

Most lift station equipment systems are pre fabricated and installed in an enclosure but often can be customized on site depending on different variables. Included in these stations are a receiving well with a screen to catch larger materials, pumping motors, pipes with valves, alarm controlling system and a odor ventilation system.

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