Interesting Characteristics of Commercial Retaining Walls

There is more to commercial retaining walls then one might initially consider.

Most of all, the purpose of commercial and industrial retaining walls are designed with support and prevention in mind as its main goals.  These walls support and restrain soil masses on both sides when each side are at different levels or elevations.  And they prevent erosion and soil from sliding away from your building’s foundation as it guides and redirects water away from foundations to maintain its integrity.

Retention walls can be constructed from a variety of materials and procedures.  Modern retention walls are actually pleasing to the eye and can be constructed of brick, concrete, different size styles/designs of stone and most commonly cement blocks. Old ugly walls are a thing of the past.

Our engineers consider many factors before designing and constructing commercial retention walls. Obviously certain permits are required due to the load bearing characteristics of a retention wall.  After excavating the intended area, a strong concrete base foundation is installed to reduce moisture from being trapped underneath the wall.  After anchoring the wall into place by installing footings in front and behind the blocks then the construction of the wall can start.  After construction, the final step is to customize a drainage system that further reduces erosion and ensures proper water redirection.

Because BHCC have been concrete contractors since the 1970’s solidifies our experience engineering and constructing commercial retention walls.  For commercial and industrial purposes our clients typically reach out to us for these projects when they desire to further protect structures and their building foundations, etc.

For more details on the construction aspects, requirements, structural integrity, seamless slope stabilization and more please don’t hesitate to call us at 281-443-0874.  Also for protection and certain guarantees, always follow certain steps when hiring a concrete contractor for any projects including Commercial Retention Walls.