How does Houston’s climate affect concrete?

For many, Houston has an enviable climate: hot in the summer; mild in the winter; and with levels of humidity throughout the year to make it a fertile growing spot. But how does the heat and moisture impact on Houston’s infrastructure and, specifically, its concrete?

We know that humidity, along with a wide temperate range, can significantly impact the performance of concrete. As with other materials, concrete can expand in the heat and contract in the cold, meaning that structures can shift and cracks can appear. Houston’s humid climate presents other challenges, increasing the pH levels of concrete and compromising its integrity, compressive strength and durability.  Moisture can also lead to the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, which can weaken the material, and might even contribute to the worsening of a chemical reaction within the concrete that turns its inners to gel.

Yet concrete still remains a key construction material in Houston, not least because of its affordability, durability and thermal mass, slowing the passage of heat to keep buildings cool on the inside no matter how high the outside temperature soars.

The solution, then, lies in using expert concrete contractors who understand the highs and lows of Houston’s climate and its impact on all stages of the process, from producing the right mix for your construction project to the finished article. As we’ve seen with the bridge repairs across Texas over the past few years, regular maintenance and repair is essential for making concrete work in Houston. Please contact us at Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. at 281-443-0874 or [email protected] for a consultation, we are always eager to share our knowledge.

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