A Glance at Screening Potential Construction Firms

When it comes to the building of a structure from scratch, the most important thing you should do is select an experienced Houston construction company. Screening potential contractors can be a project in itself. Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. wants to help you prepare for this important decision, so you get the best quality service available.

When considering a new project, one of the most common mistakes is selecting the first construction firm you come across. We recommend putting together a list of at least three solid contractors in your area that have the capacity to meet the needs of your specific requirements. Check the companies’ websites or contact them individually via phone or email to learn more about their level of expertise, and to gauge their commitment to customer satisfaction and professionalism.

It is important to have an understanding of the basics that are inseparable from a construction project, such as, soil testing, clearing, grading, stabilizing and permit requirements. An experienced contractor will recognize these needs and will provide solutions and advice for each, prior to starting work. Ideally, we recommend selecting a construction firm that doesn’t have to subcontract certain aspects of the job. Subcontracting can increase client costs and be less reliable.

Before making a final decision on which contractor to hire, have a couple of companies provide an estimate or quote for the scope of your project. By discussing price and specifics early, you will have an idea of which companies best fit your budget even as they present the highest quality craftsmanship.

Compare line items of the written estimates. Some companies, like BHCC, Inc. consider every minute detail; therefore, they are better prepared and reduce the chance of add-on costs during your build.

Lastly, as you near the end of the screening process, remember to request proof of liability insurance. Construction projects big and small can be dangerous. Ensure the contractor has proper certificates and insurance to protect yourself in the case of an unfortunate accident or other unexpected liability.

We at Bill Houston Concrete Construction, Inc. strive for success, both in the safety of our employees and the financial stability of our customers. Now that you have the power to screen potential construction firms, contact us at 281-443-0874 or [email protected] for a consultation.