Texas Concrete Houston – Commercial Contractors and the Difference Between Concrete and Asphalt

Texas Concrete Houston – Commercial Contractors and the Difference Between Concrete and Asphalt
Not all construction companies are the same but the web can’t decipher the difference especially when completing an internet search for Texas concrete Houston.

If a project manager or a building manager utilizes a search of this nature, it’s usually for the necessity of locating and retaining a construction firm to build or repair a Houston commercial concrete structure. For the purposes here, the criteria will concentrate on the hiring of an experienced Houston concrete contractor in a commercial setting. However, these steps and methods can be useful for hiring any contractor for multiple purposes and will serve as a solid guideline to a successfully completed concrete project.

Before these steps are discussed further, it’s important to have a basic knowledge and understanding of concrete versus asphalt and its longevity characteristics. Concrete is typically compiled of two levels; compacted earth and a top layer of concrete. Asphalt or otherwise named blacktop is made up of compacted earth, crushed stone and a top layer of blacktop. Three quick examples of equality comparisons are described below:
• 4 inches of concrete = 10 inches of crushed stone topped with 1.5 inches of blacktop
• 5 inches of concrete = 13.6 inches of crushed stone topped with 1.5 inches of blacktop
• 6 inches of concrete = 10 inches of crushed stone topped with 4 inches of blacktop
• To determine actual amounts of concrete, base or asphalt, it is necessary to have a geo technical service hired to test the soil and to make appropriate recommendations.

It’s imperative to remember the anticipated use of the Houston project. Some applications are not useful. For example, high traffic areas where forklifts or heavy trash vehicles congregate will not be suitable for asphalt applications due to possible ruts that can be created in time; this will also affect the longevity of the product.

The following six steps will place any building manager in a prime position to hire a highly experienced Houston contractor to produce the best possible results:

1. First and foremost, from your Texas concrete Houston search create a list of three possible Houston concrete contractors that have at least twenty to twenty five years of experience in the industry.
2. Request that each contractor provide the proper insurance certificates for general liability and workman’s compensation coverage.
3. With decades of experience, these three chosen construction firms should have as many testimonials and credit references that is requested of them.
4. Confirm that the concrete companies do not subcontract. Project expenses increase and can even double when the construction company doesn’t have the ability to complete all the individual jobs involved in concrete construction. This comes under the category of site work that includes permits, soil testing, stabilization and clearing. Additionally, an employee should always be on site which may or may not happen with a general contractor.
5. Discussions should always include warranties and any types of down payments needed.
6. Finally, contrast prices by obtaining bids from all three contractors on the same exact concrete project specifications so as to compare apples to apples and consequently identifying the firm lacking essential qualifications.

It all starts with an internet search of Texas concrete Houston among other relative terms and utilizing the above guidelines will produce a solid choice of experienced and professional concrete contractors.

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